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Pet Peeves - Personalized Online Ads

Retailers are getting sneakier and sneakier about their online ads. Earlier today I was on Facebook and this Lowe's ad above popped up. Yes, I was browsing window cranks the other day. Umm. No I already got my window crank fix thanks. I'm not thinking about it anymore. Stuff like this makes you want to be careful about what you browse for. Just a pet peeve I thought I'd share. If anyone's interested here's Lowe's Privacy and Security Policy on these and other tactics.

Arduino LoL Shield Font Demo

Finally got my LoL shield finished.

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Weigh In - April 25th 2014

I know. I've been bad about not posting weigh-ins. The past few weeks have been bumpy. I've had some gains and losses. All in all on the downside. I'm still using way to many weekly points. I'm trying eliminate the use of them. If I earn my points through activity that's one thing. Otherwise I need to stop eating outside my budget. We'll see how it goes. Not getting too stressed out. Especially since I lost .6 pounds this week! Not bad right? Catch ya next time!

Arduino LoL Shield Progress

I ordered a LoL Shield from Adafruit for my Arduino a while back. Just now getting around to playing with it. LoL stands for "Lots of LEDs." This shield just attached to the top of an Arduino. With the use of a special library I can program it to display all kinds of patterns or just text. I figured this would be a great project to learn how to solder better. The grid size is 9x14. That's over a 100 LEDs! I think after making 200+ solder joints I should be a pro right? We'll see. Above is my progress so far. It's been tricky to keep them all straight. It doesn't have to be perfect. It gets a little frustrating. I'm enjoying it. That's all that matters. If you're interesting in learning more about this project kit checkout http://jimmieprodgers.com/kits/lolshield/