USB Keyboard Cable Hack

I recently purchased a special USB cable from Amazon. This cable has a standard USB Type A connector on one end (PC side). On the other end is a GX12-4 Aviator connector. Included with the cable are several little "pigtails" for different USB connectors (USB Type C, Micro Type A and Mini Type A). This allows you to switch out the end without having to reach around to the back of your computer and unplug and plug in a different cable. I find this really convenient for working with different Arduinos and other development boards. It looked like all of my needs were met, until I pulled out my original Arduino Uno (uses a Type B). So I decided to make my own "pigtail."

I purchased some GX12-4 aviator panel mount connector pairs. I went with the panel mount version, because they're much cheaper than a complete weather tight connector pair like featured on the cable itself. Since we only need the male end of the connector this is perfect. I grabbed a spare USB Type B cable, I had laying around. I hacked off one end. I found a pinout online and verified the wire colors. I then toned out the pinout of the new cable. I made some notes. Soldered everything together. Plugged it in and... nothing worked! Turns out I had everything backwards. Luckily no damage to my computer's USB port. After reversing everything it worked like a charm. I made sure to program a board over the new pigtail to be sure. So there you have it my latest mini-maker project. I hope this inspires or helps you. See you next time!


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Tags: soldering