SMD Project Kit 2: Surface Mount Soldering Practice Kit

Been working on some more surface mount soldering practice. One of the reasons I'm focused on this right now is because my cousin has a project for me to work on that involves SMD work. I want to make sure my skills are up to par before going any further.

The completed kit above I got from eBay. It was less than dollar with shipping. Granted it took several weeks to arrive from China. But it was well worth it. I threw the quarter in there for scale. The kit has several sizes of resistors with different values. On the smaller units, I had to utilize a magnifying glass to do most of the work. I also was careful to use flux this time. I think that made a huge difference. Especially when it came to drag-soldering the IC. Speaking of. The IC is a LM339 comparator chip. But honestly I can't tell you exactly how it's used in this circuit.

Matter of fact, there isn't a whole lot of documentation with this kit. It's possible that the kit is mainly testing for polarity. If you get a lit LED after hooking 7-15 volts DC to it you're good. Kinda like a pass/fail test. Either you get a gold star or not. However it is a really good practice kit for the money. I've got some more kits lined up from Flyandance. Hopefully I will get around to doing those kits as well. I'll be sure to put them up too. See ya next time!

eBay: SMT SMD Component Welding Practice PCB Board Soldering DIY Kits SCW
Found a video of someone assembling this kit: YouTube

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