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Quotes - Master vs Beginner

I saw this earlier today and thought I would share it. My wife and I have been studying karate since last May (2015). Sometimes it's hard to see the big picture. We're making great progress. But this quote really put things into prospective. In learning we make mistakes. It's part of learning. We will make a ton of mistakes in our existence. How else can we master something without learning from our mistakes? Food for thought! Not just in karate, but in life as well.

Quick Tips - Tracking Packages With Google

Ever received tracking information for a package and didn't know who the shipping carrier was? What if you know the carrier, but you can't seem to find how to track packages on their website? Well today's Quick-Tip can help you with a simple solution for both.

The solution is "Google-It." That's right. Simply enter the tracking information into the search bar on Google. Google will read the string and chances are it will recognize the carrier. If Google senses that the string is a valid tracking number, it will give you a direct link to track your packages in the search results. If you use the Chrome browser you can even just type it in the address/search bar at the top. How easy is that? Stay tuned for more Quick-Tips. See ya!

Social Engineering In Movies

Examples of Social Engineering In Movies


Pre-texting, Diversion Theft


Pre-texting, Impersonation, Quid pro quo

Pretexting, Diversion theft

Quid pro quo, Pre-texting, Diversion Theft

Lingo, Charisma


Standalone Arduino

This is my first attempt at creating a standalone Arduino. This is using just the bare Atmega238PU without the Arduino development board. I was able to pull the flashed chip from the board and use it. Looking forward to branching out further without needing a full standalone projects. Here's a link to the pin-out I used.

Radio Shack 3D LED Cube

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