SMD Project Kit 2: Surface Mount Soldering Practice Kit

Been working on some more surface mount soldering practice. One of the reasons I'm focused on this right now is because my cousin has a project for me to work on that involves SMD work. I want to make sure my skills are up to par before going any further.

The completed kit above I got from eBay. It was less than dollar with shipping. Granted it took several weeks to arrive from China. But it was well worth it. I threw the quarter in there for scale. The kit has several sizes of resistors with different values. On the smaller units, I had to utilize a magnifying glass to do most of the work. I also was careful to use flux this time. I think that made a huge difference. Especially when it came to drag-soldering the IC. Speaking of. The IC is a LM339 comparator chip. But honestly I can't tell you exactly how it's used in this circuit.

Matter of fact, there isn't a whole lot of documentation with this kit. It's possible that the kit is mainly testing for polarity. If you get a lit LED after hooking 7-15 volts DC to it you're good. Kinda like a pass/fail test. Either you get a gold star or not. However it is a really good practice kit for the money. I've got some more kits lined up from Flyandance. Hopefully I will get around to doing those kits as well. I'll be sure to put them up too. See ya next time!

eBay: SMT SMD Component Welding Practice PCB Board Soldering DIY Kits SCW
Found a video of someone assembling this kit: YouTube

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Flyandance DIY Tiny SMT LED Chaser Kit

I posted this video on Youtube a few weeks ago. I haven't had much of a chance to repost it on here. But if you're looking to get into surface mount soldering this is the kit for you. I'm a absolute newbie. Well let's just say I went through two kits to get it right. Enjoy!


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Quotes - Master vs Beginner

I saw this earlier today and thought I would share it. My wife and I have been studying karate since last May (2015). Sometimes it's hard to see the big picture. We're making great progress. But this quote really put things into prospective. In learning we make mistakes. It's part of learning. We will make a ton of mistakes in our existence. How else can we master something without learning from our mistakes? Food for thought! Not just in karate, but in life as well.

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Quick Tips - Tracking Packages With Google

Ever received tracking information for a package and didn't know who the shipping carrier was? What if you know the carrier, but you can't seem to find how to track packages on their website? Well today's Quick-Tip can help you with a simple solution for both.

The solution is "Google-It." That's right. Simply enter the tracking information into the search bar on Google. Google will read the string and chances are it will recognize the carrier. If Google senses that the string is a valid tracking number, it will give you a direct link to track your packages in the search results. If you use the Chrome browser you can even just type it in the address/search bar at the top. How easy is that? Stay tuned for more Quick-Tips. See ya!

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Social Engineering In Movies

Examples of Social Engineering In Movies
Pre-texting, Diversion Theft
Pre-texting, Impersonation, Quid pro quo
Pretexting, Diversion theft
Quid pro quo, Pre-texting, Diversion Theft
Lingo, Charismanull

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