Arduino File Browser

Making more progress on my on-going marco keyboard project. I'm building a programmable macro pad. My overall goal is to be able to load configs from an SD card. Then give the user a way of selecting a config file from a menu on a OLED display. Well we're almost there. This weekend I wrote some code to allow the user to browse the root of an SD card. When the device is booted up, it will scan the directory of the root and load the filenames into an array. The user can cycle through the list to find the file they want to use. When they reach the bottom the list repeats. For a bonus I loaded the keyboard library and when you press a button the contents of the selected file is written out to the keyboard buffer. Even large files seem to work. This is due to the buffering nature of the file IO class. Feel free to download my code from GitHub!


Categories: Arduino

Tags: development, electronics